Below are some resources related to the grant information.

Spanish Proficiency Practice

Practice your Spanish proficiency to improve your bilingual skills.

Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Grant

The California Department of Education has awarded Bilingual Teacher Professional Development grants – each in the amount of $625,000 – to four school districts and four county offices of education throughout the state.

Commission-Approved Educator Preparation Programs - Bilingual Authorization in Spanish

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Check Bilingual Authorization Spanish to retrieve a list of 31 approved programs. Scroll over program name to link to more info.

Prop 58 Info

Prop 58 repealed the English-only requirement that was voter passed in 1998 and allows schools to design their own programs to meet the needs of English learners and students who want to learn in another language.

CTC Bilingual Authorizations Info

Bilingual Authorizations allow the holders to provide instruction to English Learners (EL).


The World Languages subtests taken toward a Single Subject Teaching Credential differ from the subtests taken toward a Bilingual Authorization.

Cal Poly Bilingual Authorization Program

Candidates in the Spanish Authorization for Bilingual Educators (SABE) program earn a bilingual authorization that can be added to any California teaching credential.

Cuesta Spanish Course

Learn more from Cuesta about opportunities to improve Spanish skills through coursework.

County Liaisons

San Luis Obispo County Office of Education

Traci Theis

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Lily Rosenberger, ELD Coordinator

Monterey County Office of Education

Leigh Butler, Chief Human Resources Officer

Kings County Office of Education

Tim Bowers, Superintendent